Property in "La Canyada"

2019 project and 2021 construction.


Project and work management in collaboration with Ignacio Tarazón.

The project is developed on one floor, playing with the day areas (living room, dining room, and kitchen) and the night areas (bedrooms).

Night and day area

While the day area is developed with planes that unfold to open up views towards the main entrance of the house through large windows.

The night area is developed through a more sober and organized layout, whose only play is the facades of each room that fold to mark a secondary exterior patio, which connects with the rest of the house through the kitchen.

"Interconnected spaces"

While the two areas are connected by a hallway that starts with the height of the living-dining room at about 3 meters, tapering down to the bedroom area, which barely reaches 2.5 meters, before rising again in the bedrooms where the roof inclines to facilitate cross lighting.

While at the service entrance, the facade plane is straight, with a subtle play to absorb the level difference between the rooms and the day area. The entrance porch is a pillar formed from the splitting of the two planes framing the house’s entrance, artfully folding to define the porch’s boundary, which will provide shade to the home.

The wooded surroundings of the area, along with the interplay of shadows from the pergola and facade planes, combined with the high-efficiency windows installed, ensure that the southern light does not compromise the comfort of the home’s occupants.