Housing in "el Asombro"

2015 project and 2018 construction.


The project developed over three floors, including the basement.

Plays with volumes as if they were stacked boxes, with the windows barely visible from the street, while the house opens up to the rear pool area and the basement patios

Large spaciousness.

The basement is spacious and allows for multiple activities in the house and the various patios, even the pool window ensures that there is always light in it.

The main floor and the bedroom floor have a clear day-night separation. The two entrances to the house, the main one that runs along the side of the house and the garage entrance, converge at the house’s staircase, avoiding unnecessary circulation crossings.

"Day-night separation"

The ground floor features a living-dining room separated by glass doors from the kitchen, extending the dimension of the spaces beyond their own.

The first floor is divided into two areas, one for the parents and children and the other for guests, both divided by the house’s vertical communication staircase.

The facade is made of a ventilated facade composed of porcelain panels. In the cavity, an insulating layer has been projected to correct thermal bridges, and internally, 10 cm of high-density insulation has been installed to provide the house with good energy efficiency.

The ceramic pieces of the facades combine two colors to mark the communication area with a darker tone in contrast to the rest of the house, which is a lighter gray.