Property in "el Toro"

Single-family home, developed in collaboration with Jonathon Moreels.

2021-2022 project and currently, in 2023, under construction.

The El Toro project is a two-story single-family home nestled within the steep mountainous terrain of the area.

Thus, the house itself opens its main facade, framed by a plane that rotates around the house’s principal plane, giving it a semi-weightless character on its left side.

Sculptural nature.

While the rear facade reduces its scale to a single visible floor, the ground floor becomes buried and is lit by a courtyard whose light bathes the window of a staircase with a stepped section, giving it a sculptural character at the end of the dwelling.

"Sustainable and Energy Efficient"

The property is designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. Like the majority of homes developed by the studio, this project boasts an energy rating of grade A.

The facades are covered with insulation, which not only provides comfort to the dwelling but also eliminates thermal bridges and cracks by being coated with a material that prevents the expansion of materials that would make up a conventional facade.