Property in Montferrux

Project developed in collaboration with Jonathon Moreels.


2021-2022 project and currently, in 2023, under construction.

The project is erected on the plot, navigating its uneven terrain and the sharp curve that defines one of its sides.

From one of its paths, the project unfolds, creating a layout that opens towards the sea.

Seaside views.

The plot is accessed from its highest point, causing the dwelling to rise above the opposite side, where the sea views are located. This design ensures that none of the houses in front obstruct the views, allowing it to remain open to the breeze

"Zigzagging planes."

The main facade features a zigzag of planes, creating bands that extend from the parapet of the first floor to the roof.

The ground floor is finished in local quarry stone, imparting a sense of important local produce thanks to the local excavation waste recovery program, which consists mostly of rocks, as they are the most abundant material in the subsoil of the island of Mallorca.

As is customary, the facades are clad with External Thermal Insulation (ETI), providing both energy benefits and a distinctive finish to the exterior.

The property opens up to the terrace and the pool using the same material, creating a significant indoor-outdoor interplay, allowing it to extend beyond the building’s walls and make use of the property’s plot.